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Anti Riot Suit

Elite-Armor in collaboration with PPSS, can now present the brand new Anti Riot Suit, which is an extremely durable Stab Resistant Suit.

The Stab Resistant Suit is designed to protect employees in the security industry and other dangerous environments.

Everything about this Stab Resistant Suit has been tested and certified for Stab Resistant Standard KR1, so you're guaranteed incredibly high protection against major injuries, punches, kicks etc.

Elite-Armor also offers Cut Resistant Clothing and Cut Resistant Gloves, which can easily be combined with this Stab Resistant Suit.

If you have any questions about this Stab Resistant Suit, please feel free to contact us at info@elite-armor.com or on our customer phone +45 69 15 73 08

  • Anti Riot Suit
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