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Hard armor plates

With a bulletproof plate you have the opportunity to achieve extra protection.
A bulletproof plate also goes under the name "Hard armor plate" og with an addon in this class, you will typically achieve a protection of NIJ level 3 (III) and 4 (IV).

What is ICW (In conjunction with) and SA (Stand alone) in the bulletproof plate?

- ”ICW” bulletproof plate only achieves the mentioned level of protection, together with a buletproof vest (Soft Armor)
- ”SA” bulletproof plates are used as single plates (Stand alone), here the protection from the bulletproof vest is not neccessary to achieve the mentioned level of protection.

What is ”single curved” and ”multi curved” bulletproof plates?

- Single curved has a soft curve, which is adjusted to the bodys natural round shape.
- Multi curved is a bulletproof plate, where they have made an extra effort on the details. It is shaped so it follows the body shape 100%, which makes it more comfortable.

All Elite Armor hard armor plates are tested under the standard NIJ 0101.06 - you can read more about this standard here.

Our vest that has the possibility of inserting a hard armor plate, is our Elite Armor Impact vest, which you can buy here.
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