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7 things you should know before you buy a bulletproof vest

  • 1. No bulletproof vests are 100% stab resistant regardless of which manufacturers they come from.

    The vests you find on the Elite Armor website is stab resistant, in fact you will be protected against stabs in 95% of stabbing incident cases. With a vest from Elite Armor you will be better protected than 41,4% of US police officers! You can read more about it here.

    When we write that no vests are 100% stab resistant, it means there is a risk that someone can penetrate the vest, if they have the right weapon.

    In our test video you can see how our vests handle knife stab from a butcher knife and a survival knife – see the video below.
  • 2. How to absorb the projectiles

    The implants in a bulletproof vest is made of an extremely strong fiber. The fibers stop the projectiles in the same way as a tennis net would stop a tennis ball.
  • The net distorts the projectiles - lowering the speed of the projectiles and sending the energy from the projectiles into the implant.

    When you buy a bulletproof vest from Elite armor, you can choose fibers which are made by either EA-TEX or Twaron. Regardless of the fiber you choose, you will receive protection at the level of NIJ IIA (3A).

    Buy a bulletproof vest here
  • 3. All gunshots are (still) deadly

    Even if you wear a bulletproof vest, you must never forget that a gunshot can kill you.

    A bulletproof vest only protects your torso and the rest of your body will still be exposed. Furthermore, a bulletproof vest does not protect you against all weapons.

    A vest in protection level IIIA protect you against e.g. 44Magnum and 9mm but not against automatic rifle weapons.
  • 4. The durability is limited

    A bulletproof vest does not protect you all your life. Every time a bulletproof vest absorbs a projectile, the vest will become weakened. As a reminder, you can expect that a bulletproof vest can absorb 5 projectiles before you should replace it.

    . In addiction to that there is also a durability date for the bulletproof vests. If you choose the fiber type EA-TEX there is a 5 years durability guarantee and if you choose Twaron, you will get a 10 years durability guarantee. This means that you should replace your bulletproof vest after 5 or 10 years.

    Buy a bulletproof vest here
  • 5. Wash the cover for your bulletproof vest

    You should at least have two covers for your bulletproof vest. If you have an extra cover it is possible for you to change the vest even when your original cover is for washing.

    A clean cover is important to secure the durability of the implants.

    Do you ensure that your cover is clean, you will also be guaranteed the 5 or 10 years warranty.
  • 6. Protect your bulletproof vest

    A bulletproof vest should never be left in directly sunlight because the ballistics properties will be destroyed by the UV light and heat. The implants should never be cleaned chemically because chemical substance destroy the fibers.

    Buy a bulletproof vest here
  • 7. NO bulletproof vest is protected against AK47

    We often get questions about our vest resistant from gunshot – AK47. No vests can resist projectiles from this, without special hard armor plates. You can buy the hard armor plates here.
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