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25 things you did not know about bulletproof vests & stab resistant vests

  • 1. A bulletproof vest is not 100% bulletproof

    The reality about bulletproof vests is that they are not 100% bulletproof, but bullet rejection. A bulletproof vest is basically only bulletproof within the standard it is approved within. Some vests of manufacturers can handle more than the stated standard. A bulletproof vest does not protect the persons from any threats. In extremely few cases, a gunshot can come through a bulletproof vest, even though it has been evaluated to stop it.
  • 2. A stab resistant vest is not 100% stab resistant

    A stab resistant vest is not stab resistant against everything. The vest is approved within a standard and a specific level. If the vest is exposed for more than it is approved, it will be pierce by e.g. knives. The stab resistant vest will protect you against knife attack that take place in public space.
  • 3. Understand how the material stops the bullet in a bulletproof vest

    The vests consist of very strong not-woven and woven fibers. The material will stop a bullet, in the same way as a net will stop a tennis ball or volley ball. The bullet starts to rotate, lower it, and send energy throughout the panel. Remember, the slower the bullet is, the better is it for the person who wear the vest. A bullet that are being fired at high speed, come through the fibers and straight through the bulletproof vest.
  • 4. Every single bullet is deadly

    A lot of people who are gun enthusiasts ignore the deadly potential. A single bullet – small or big – flying at high speed may come through a bulletproof vest. Weapons such as a 44Magnum or 45ACP which are shooting within a slower speed, makes it possible for the vest to stop. Many consider a 44Mag to be the most dangerous weapon, but it is the speed you need to be scare of and not the size of the bullet when you are wearing a bulletproof vest.

    Important: The shoots from a shotgun are very dangerous for the person who wears a bulletproof vest, because the vests are bot classified for these kinds of bullets. The reason? The bullets do not have a uniform speed.
  • 5. The lifetime of a bulletproof vest

    National Institute of Justice also called NIJ has a five-year warranty on bulletproof vests. When the vest is used every day, it will loose protective capability faster. The vest must be checked according to damage – including scratches, burn and so on. If the vest should last all 5 years, it is important that you are following the care instructions. It’s also important to remember that a bulletproof vest is a life insurance and after the 5 years, you should buy a new vest.
  • 6. Warranty Card

    Always ensures that you get a warranty card when registration a vest. The reason for this is that it makes it easier for the seller to get in contact with the customers, e.g. a revocation. The warranty card is in many cases your invoice.
  • 7. You need to wash your bulletproof vest – but only the cover!

    It is a good thing to have at least two covers, when one of them is for washing. It is possible to wash the covers - however it is very important to be aware that the hard armor plates must not be washed! Therefore, the hard armor plates should ALWAYS be removed. Always keep the hard armor plates dry to ensure that they last for 5 years.
  • 8. Use a sponge to wash the hard armor plates

    When you clean the hard armor plates of the vest, you should use a sponge. Never throw them in the washing machine or tumble dryer. The hard armor plates do not tolerate ironing either, because the fibers can burn or melt depending on what the bulletproof vest is produced of.
  • 9. Hang or put your bulletproof vest in the closet

    Do not forget that the hard armor plates consist of multiple layers of fibers, which means that if they are out of shape, it is nor possible to correct them again. It is recommended that you lay the vest on a shelf.
  • 10. Never let your bulletproof vest be wet

    The worst idea is to swim in your bulletproof vest. The reason for this is that some bulletproof vests lose the performance of the hard armor plates because the water act like a lubricant. When it happens, it become less susceptible to the bullet. Keep in mind that some manufacturers have treated their vests with waterproof material, so they can be used in water. If you spilled on your vest it is also important to secure that the hard armor plates are getting dry.
  • 11. See your bulletproof vest as your clothes

    It is important that you see the cover for your bulletproof vest as your normal clothes. Which means that it also should be washed like all your other clothes in your wardrobe.
  • 12. After being shot, you can still fight

    There have been a considerable number of cases where people have been shot wearing their bulletproof vests. Most of them compare the feeling of being hit like a hammer. The result of being hit with a bulletproof vest is often a blue brand.
  • 13. Avoid that your vest changes its fit

    Normally clothes can change the fit over time, therefore we recommend that you have more than one cover, so you can switch between them.
  • 14. Stay fit or get yourself a new vest!

    It is important that you buy a new bulletproof vest, if you are losing weight or gain weight. The overall rule is 5-10% of your bodyweight. This means that you need to get measured because the vest must neither be too big or too small.
  • 15. The cover does not protect you!

    No one should wear the cover as the only protection against bullets. It is the same as wearing a normal t-shirt.
  • 16. Place the hard armor plates in the right way

    The hard armor plates are made to fit the cover in a certain way. If you place them incorrectly, it can lead to tragic results. The hard armor plates are designed to brake and spread the energy of the bullet, where the back of the hard armor plates is designed to reduce the trauma. If the hard armor plates have turned incorrectly, there is no promise that the vest can stop the bullet.
  • 17. A bulletproof vest is not stab resistant

    It is important that the person who wear a bulletproof vest is aware of that the vest is not stab resistant. Since stab resistant vests are composed of a different fiber composition than the bulletproof vests. There are also vests with both components, which means that it is possible to get a bulletproof & stab resistant vest.
  • 18. Bulletproof vests can provide safety for the persons who wear it – even in a traffic accident!

    Several people have been rescued by their bulletproof vests in an accident, e.g. in the patrol car where it is not from bullets. A bulletproof vest can safe lives in other ways than just bullets from weapons.
  • 19. Duct tape should never be used as a replacement for damaged covers

    Many people use duct tape to ensure that the vest is close enough to the body. This is not a clever idea! The reason is that the duct tape can not move properly with the body.
  • 20. Can the vest be used after it has been shot?

    It is important to understand that when the vest has been shot, it is time for a new vest because the fibers in the vest are destroyed by the bullet and can not be repaired again.
  • 21. The protection must be in the front and back

    The person who wear a bulletproof vest need protection both front and back. Often people only use protection in the front during the summer because it is too warm, but it is very risky!
  • 22. Use the trauma pockets in the bulletproof vest

    Many people are using the pockets in a wrong way e.g. for the phone or thing like that. It is important to use it correctly, so it can reduce the bruises you can get.
  • 23. Never leave the bulletproof vest in the trunk!

    There have been many cases where people have been killed because they leaved their bulletproof vests in the trunk. The vest must be close to you, so you always can get it quickly.
  • 24. Women should have a bulletproof vest that suits them

    Women should have extra trauma safety for their breasts. There are bulletproof vests which are specially made for women.
  • 25. Bulletproof vests must be tested!

    It is important that a bulletproof vest is tested – NIJ standard 0101.06 is one of the most well-known tests. The standard is from the United States and it is your safety that the vest has been tested according to the strictest standard available
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