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Bulletproof vest legislation

For an extended period, there has been an escalating band conflict in the country’s major cities.

The escalating band conflict has made the VLAK government suggest that it must be illegal to wear bulletproof vest in the future unless you have the police’s permission to wear it.

The proposal will not have any effect on doormen or security guards, and they do not need a permission to wear it.

So far it is legal to wear bulletproof vests where you stay.

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Especially for people who associated with rockers or bands:

By November 14, 2017, a 23-year old man from Copenhagen NV has seized his bulletproof vest from the police. The reason was that the 23-year-old was affiliated with Bandidos. The 23-year-old has protected over the seizure and therefore a judge must now decide whether it was justified or not.

Read the article here..

That means even though it is not illegal to wear bulletproof vests, the policeman can seize the vest if they can prove that you are affiliated with a band or rocker group. At least until judgment has been given on 14 November. Then it will be a matter of judgment, whether the police in the future have the right to seize a bulletproof vest.

The proposal for registration of bulletproof vests is also included as part of a larger band game, presented by Søren Pape Poulsen on August 11th. See the full article at DR.
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