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Police bulletproof vest VS. Elite Armor

One of the questions we often get from our customers, is whether there is a difference between Elite Armor and the vests that the police carry. The answer to this question is, that you are equally protected with a vest from Elite Armor or a vest from the police officer.
In the US police force 41,4% of the police officers use bulletproof vest in level NIJ II (2) and 35% of the officers are using bulletproof vests in an even higher level IIIA (3A).
This means that if you buy a bulletproof vest at Elite Armor, you are as well protected as 35% of the US police officers – and better protected than 41,4% of US police officers!
Bulletproof vests of standard NIJ IIIA protect you against weapon like 44Magnum, 9mm automatic weapon, 357SIG, 357Magnum, 9mm Luger and 40 Smith & Wesson.
Do you need more protection – e.g. against a AK47 or another rifle ammunition – you can buy a hard armor plate. With a hard armor plates, you get an even higher level of protection NIJ IV (4) – reaching the level of the bulletproof vests used by the US SWAT teams.
Note: The safety level of a bulletproof vest used in the Danish police is not something that is publicly available in Denmark.
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