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Elite Armor RX2

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The world's best ventilating bulletproof & stab resistant vest, which makes it ideal for use under clothes with maximum work comfort.
  • EA-TEX: Bulletproof & Stab resistant
  • TWARON: Bulletproof
  • No. 1 in Denmark
  • 5 years warranty
  • Fast delivery
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Under protection level you will see the different solutions within implants. The implants are the bulletproof and stab resistant part of the vest, which is placed in a cover.

The RX2 vest is delivered in two different variants:


EA-TEX is Elite Armors own developed UHMWPE, which is an abbreviation of Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, UHMWPE is a form of polyolefin, which consists of numerous ballistic fibers, woven into each other several times crosswise for maximum protection.
Elite Armors EA-TEX is developed with the purpose of offering a bulletproof and stab resistant vest in one overall solution. There is a 5-year warranty on this solution.


Twaron aramid is produced by the company Teijin and is a para-aramid synthetic fiber. The implant is only 5mm and you get a vest that is very flexible and extremely high quality. There is a full 10-year warranty on this solution.

Technical info

Fibertype Protection level Ballistic material Implants thickness Weight*
EA-TEXNIJ standard 0101.06 (Level IIIA) & Stab resistant 1UHMWPE7 mm1,7-2,7 kg
TwaronNIJ standard 0101.06 (Level IIIA)Twaron aramid5 mm2,25-3,1 kg
* Depending on the size of the vest

EA RX2 cover

Surface material:Durable cotton/nylon
Ventilation in the vest:Coolmax comfort foam for maximum breathability
Closure:Adjustable velcro closures
Warranty:2 Years
Available sizes:S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL / XXXXL

The cover is provided with implants on the front and back of the vest. The "implant" is the bulletproof and stab resistant part of the vest's cover. The cover is provided with our Cool Max net on the inside, the outside of the cover is provided with our HYPBER FLOW net.

This composition makes the RX cover the most ventilated cover in the world. The technology is particularly useful if you work and stay in warm environments - for example is this cover ideal for indoor use and for use in the summer period when it's warm outside.

The RX2 cover is the lightest and thinnest cover available, which make it ideal to wear underwear your clothes.

Please note that it is not possible to add hard armor plates to this model. If you want to use hard armor plates for protection against rifle ammunition and AK47 shots, you should instead look at our Impact model because it is possible to purchase hard armor plates. The RX2 cover is extremely flexible and discreet.

UHMWPE is known from Dyneema within bulletproof vests. Elite Armors bulletproof & stab resistant vests are developed with a high care for optimal mobility as well as protection and here the UHMWPE solves the task with the highest conviction. The UHMWPE type used in vests of Elite Armor is of absolute highest quality - the same type has been used in all vests produced since 2009 without having experienced a single complaint.

All solutions comply with NIJ standard 0101.06 Level IIIA certification so you are protected at the same level, regardless of whether you choose EA-TEX or Twaron. Which solution you should choose typically depends on the way you will use the vest.

You can contact one of our professional advisers on +45-69 15 73 08, to find the solution that best suits your needs.

NIJ level IIIA protection from firearms means that it stops a high-speed projectile from:

  • 9mm Automatic weapon

  • 44 Magnum

  • 357 SIG

  • 357 Magnum

  • 9mm Luger

  • 40 S&W (Smith & Wesson)

Stab resistant 1:

  • Level 1 24 Joules (J) Test Pressure Penetration Limit 0.28" / 7mm

The vest has been further tested in Denmark, against:

  • A big butcher knife

  • A survival knife

  • A Stanley knife

Designed against knives in level 1, which protects against 85% of all threads. (Please note that NO vest is 100% stab proof)

All of our vests are equipped with Coolmax comfort foam, which makes to vests more comfortable and increases ventilation.

Overview of the projectiles our bulletproof vest can handle.

The unique composition of fibers will distribute the energy in the vest, so that the vital organs take minimal damage.
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