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Bullet proof & Stab resistant vest

  • Elite Armor RX2 Bulletproof & Stab resistant vest
    EA-TEX: Bulletproof & Stab resistant
    TWARON: Bulletproof
    The world's best ventilating bulletproof & stab resistant vest, which makes it ideal for use under clothes with maximum work comfort.
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  • Elite Armor Impact Bulletproof & Stab Resistant Vest
    EA-TEX: Bulletproof & Stab resistant
    TWARON: Bulletproof
    Extra Hard armor plates.
    This model allows you to add additional hard armor plats to resist shots against an AK47
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  • Elite Armor Impact Bulletproof & Stab Resistant Vest
    1 x Level 4 Bulletproof Vest
    2 x HAPSASCSIC2 - EA Single Curved Trauma Plate IV SA (SiC) 30x25
    Total weight approx. 7.5-10kg
    With this bundle you secure yourself up to Level 4, which is the highest level of protection

    Bundle contains:
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  • Elite Armor Xtreme
    Twaron: Bulletproof & Stab Resistant
    Extra Hard armor plates.
    Hybrid vest with implants from Twaron, perfect for the toughest situations.
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  • Elite Armor VIP Bulletproof Vest & Stab Resistant Vest
    EA-TEX: Bulletproof & Stab resistant
    VIP model developed for the design, it provides the necessary protection while it can be used for evening use.
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  • Elite Armor Combat Vest
    This model gives you the option of protection covering the upper arm, neck, collar, shoulder, groin and sides.
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  • Elite Armor GR Bulletproof Vest for women
    TWARON: Bulletproof
    This bulletproof vest is specially designed for ladies, and has made a cut out to the bust. This makes the vests comfortable for long periods of time.
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  • Elite Armor Rapid Assault Plate Carrier 30x25
    1. Weight: 2.2kg, against NIJIIIA 9mm, size L
    2. Protection area: 0.24 square meters, size L
    3. Standard: US NIJ 0101.06
    4. Structure: Front and rear
    5. Colour: Optional
    6. Guarantee Period: 5 years
    Normal price:
If you need a bullet proof vest or stabproof vest, then Elite Armor is the place to shop. We are Denmarks biggest manufacturer and retailer of bulletproof- & stabproof vests and we have been producing our vests since 2009. Our goal is to become the preferred choice of our customers, when you are looking for personal safety and protection equipment.

All of our bulletproof- & stabproof vests has been thoroughly testet and they all comply with the NIJ standard 0101.06 & Stab level 1 0115.00, which both are standards determined by the National Institute of Justice.
Elite Armor is a danish company, registered and certified directly at NIJ. You can see our certification here.

When you click on one of our vests below, you will see a complete description of the individual product. 

Should you have any questions, then you are more than welcome to call us at +45 69 15 73 08 or send us an email at info@elite-armor.com
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