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About us

Elite Armor is a danish company, founded in 2009.

Our desire was to produce a bulletproof vest that matched the needs of the Danish security industry. With a profound knowledge of the military, the police and the security industry, obtained through the provision of security solutions in an already ongoing business, we had all preconditions in place to begin the development of our first bulletproof vest by the name Elite Armor.

The first six months were used to decide upon which materials we wanted to use for our vests. We worked with several types of fiber and different methods of treating them depending on the results we wanted.

As soon as our first samples were developed and adapted to our specific needs, we began testing them. When all results met the requirements, we were able to produce the first vest by the name Elite Armor - and then we could sell our first bulletproof vest in 2010. This led us to our first two designs; RX1 and RX2, which you still can find on the website today – although they have been further developed and redesigned since.

Ongoing development

All the vests – and the material – is still being developed. Our vests are tested on a regular basis and we also receive feedback from our partners. With a vest from Elite Armor you are guaranteed a bulletproof vest that adheres some of the latest security requirements.
In 2011, we went from having only two bulletproof and stab resistant vest designs, to having five unique designs of vests – those five vests you still find on the website today, by the names RX2, RX2, Impact, VIP and our bulletproof vest for women, the GR model.

In 2013, our vests were upgraded with a thin layer of comfort foam. This thin layer makes our vests extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

Your opinion counts

An essential element for us has always been to meets the customer’s needs. Because of that our vests are developed and redesigned based on the feedback we received from our own customers – this is also your guarantee for optimal comfort and safety.


Inspire to protect human life
Our most important purpose is to make the everyday life more safety for millions of people with security products. Body Armor should be used of people where the employment can risk their life.


To be your life insurance
We want to be groundbreaking within Body Armor products, which can be used by professional and private. It is not just about products but also about realizing the value of a human life.
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