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EA Baseline Cut Resistant Gloves

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    EA Baseline Cut Resistant gloves with finger touch are made of Cut-Tex® PRO
    Provides absolutely outstanding, proven and certified levels of cutting, wear and tear resistance.
    • Cut resistant level 5+
    • No. 1 in Denmark
    • 5 years warranty
    • Fast delivery
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    EA EA Baseline Cut Resistant gloves with finger touch is designed to be used for all kinds of tasks.
    This cut resistant glove is made with patented Cut-Tex® PRO which is one of the world's best cut resistant materials.

    Cut-Tex® PRO is composed of Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is also found in Elite Armor (EA-TEX) and Dyneema (DSM), which is used in our bulletproof and stabproof vests. With the UHMWPE the fabric has a mix of glass fibers and very strong textile fibers.

    For professional use within these sectors:

    • Law Enforcement

    • Military

    • Corrections / Prison Service

    • Immigration

    • Customs

    • Border Control

    • Private Security & Military Contractors

    • Civil Enforcement

    Cut-Tex® PRO provides excellent cut resistance to BS EN 388:2003 Level 5 (the highest level possible)

    • Lightweight nylon and elastane blend on the back of the hand

    • Velcro strap keeps the gloves secure around the wrist

    • Synthetic non-slip palm grip with reinforced palms and fingertips

    Blade Cut Resistance

    • EN 388: 2016 Level 5 (the highest possible)

    • EN 388:2016 Level E (TDM-100 Test)

    • ISO 13997: 1999 Level 5 (the highest possible)

    • ANSI/ISEA Level A5

    Abrasion Resistance

    • EN 388: 2016 Level 3

    Tear Resistance

    • EN 388: 2016 Level 4 (the highest possible)

    Puncture Resistance

    • EN 388: 2016 Level 4


    Protected on both sides:No, only protected on one side (palm)
    Touch screen leather tip:Yes
    Special specifications:Synthetic leather patches distributed on the palm, on the sides and on the tips for extra protection.
    Outer material:Spandax Lamination
    Inner material:Cut-Tex® PRO
    CareMachine wash up to 40 ° C
    Sizes:XS - XXL
    CE-marking:Cat II PPE Directive
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