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EA Single Curved Hard Armor Plate III ICW (PE) 25x20

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  • PE: (UHMW PE)
  • ICW (in conjunction with)
  • (AK47 MSC)
  • Size: 25X20X2cm
  • Weight: from 0,83 kg
  • No. 1 in Denmark
  • 5 years warranty
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The bulletproof plate (also called a hard armor plate) is for inserting into the front and back of the bullet proof vest.

The EA Single Curved Hard Armor Plate III ICW (PE) fits in our bullet proof and stab resistant vests called Impact. You can find the Impact vests here.

The bullet proof plate is made from Polyethylene (PE). A substantial benefit of using PE, is that PE is very light-weight. This bullet proof plate has – among other weapons – been tested against an AK47. You can see details regarding the test below.

The bullet proof plate is a single curve plate, which means that the plate comes as one ready-to-insert-unit. The fact that the bullet proof plate it curved, is an advantage in regard to fitting and comfort.
ICW (In conjunction with) this means that the plate must be used with a "Soft Bodyarmor" which is bulletproof in level IIIA to be resistant to the specified protection degree.

The lightest of our bulletproof plates weighs a mere 830 grams, which makes it the lightest bulletproof plate you can get with this level of protection.

The bulletproof plate has been tested against the following threats:

  • Tested against 6 shots from 7.62*39 mm AK47 MSC with bullets of a specific mass of 7.7 grams and an impact of 740 m/s, according to NIJ std. 0101.06 and 5.56x45 Nato international tests.

  • 7.62x51 Nato, M80 (NIJ level 3 0101.06)

  • 7.62x39 MSC, AK47 (NIJ level 3 0101.06)

Technical data:



  • PE: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyetyhlene (UHMWPE)

  • Thickness: 20 mm

  • For use with our Impact bulletproof and stab resistant vests (Level IIIA)

  • 25x20 cm for sizes S and M (Weight: 830 grams)

  • 25x30 cm for sizes L to XXXXL (Weight: 1500 grams)

Warranty: 5 years
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