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EA Slash Resistant Polo

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    EA Slash resistant Polo is made of Cut-Tex®
    The Polo is made of 1 layer of Cut-Tex® PRO, that protects one of the most vulnerable places you can be cut with a knife.
    The rest of the polo is made with 1 layer of Cut-Tex® PRO
    • Cut resistant level 5+
    • No. 1 in Denmark
    • 5 years warranty
    • Fast delivery
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    EA Slash Resistant Polo is designed to be used for all kinds of tasks.
    This cut resistant Polo is made with patented Cut-Tex® PRO which is one of the world's best cut resistant materials. You are covered with a layer of Cut-Tex® PRO in Level 5+ all over the jacket, giving you full cover, and overall protection
    This Polo is made of 1 layer of Cut-Tex® PRO, that protects one of the most vulnerable places tou can be cut with a knife.

    EA Slash Resistant Polo is extremely durable and after the first wash, Cut-Tex® PRO pulls together and gives 10% extra cut resistant strength.
    Cut-Tex® PRO is composed of Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is also found in Elite Armor (EA-TEX) and Dyneema (DSM), which is used in our bulletproof and stabproof vests. With the UHMWPE the fabric has a mix of glass fibers and very strong textile fibers.

    Features & Benefits

    Cut-Tex® PRO used on the entire garment providing excellent slash resistance
    High neck prevents neck and vertebral arteries from being exposed
    Zipped front makes this garment more user friendly

    For professional use within these sectors:

    Law Enforcement
    Corrections / Prison Service
    Border Control
    Private Security & Military Contractors
    Civil Enforcement

    Material Content: 100% Cut-Tex® PRO

    Blade Cut Resistance:
    - EN 388:2016 Level 5 (the highest possible)
    - EN 388:2016 Level E (TDM-100 Test)
    - ISO 13997:1999 Level 5 (the highest possible)
    - ANSI/ISEA 2016 Level A5

    Abrasion Resistance:
    -EN 388:2016 Level 3

    Tear Resistance:
    -EN 388:2016 Level 4 (the highest possible)

    Puncture Resistance
    -EN 388:2016 Level 4

    Dimensional Stability Test:
    Achieved excellent results

    CE Marking: Cat II PPE Directive

    Clothing Care: Machine washable up to 40° Celsius

    Colour: Grey
    Sizes S - 4XL
    100% Latex free

    Place of Manufacture: EU
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