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Elite-Armor Storage Bag

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  • Size: 72x60
  • Color: Black
  • No. 1 in Denmark
  • 5 years warranty
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Your bulletproof vest should be kept in a safe and flexible place, so it is ready whenever you need it.
If you are in need of a flexible alternative place to keep your bulletproof vest, this storage bag might be exactly what you need.
The bag is made of hardwearing and lightweight fabric, which makes it easy to store your bulletproof vests and to access them when needed.
The size of the bag gives your vests a safe place to be stored while keeping its shape and still allowing the material to breathe and dry.
This is important if you want to avoid unwanted odours and to prolong the lifespan of your bulletproof vests. The interior fabric of the bag is weather resistant and will protect against sun, rain and snow.

The bag is big enough to fit most bulletproof vests, despite of their size and style. This means that you can easily order one for your whole team.
- Protect the vest that protects you with the Elite-Armor storage bag
- Durable, flexible and lightweight
- Keeps the vest dry and clean
- Bag handle with Velcro
- Fits all of our bulletproof vests
- Size: 50cm high and 60cm wide
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