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Elite Armor VIP

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    VIP model developed for the design, it provides the necessary protection while it can be used for evening use.
    • EA-TEX: Bulletproof & Stab resistant
    • No. 1 in Denmark
    • 5 years warranty
    • Fast delivery
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    Degree of protection:
    NIJ Standard-0101.06 & Stab level 1 0115.00

    - Ballistic material: UHMWPE (Dyneema)
    - Number of layers: 40 stitched together
    - Thickness: implants 7mm
    - Surface material: Hard wearing cotton / Nylon
    - Ventilation in the vest for maximal breathability
    - Adjustable Velcro fastenings
    - Coolmax comfort foam
    - Produced max. 2 months before delivery
    - 5-year warranty
    - Sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL / XXXXL
    - Weight: 1,9 - 2,4 kg. Depending on the size

    Elite Armor VIP bulletproof vest is the most discreet bulletproof and stab proof vest. The vest is ideal for police, military, guards etc.

    The vest is very flexible, discreet and made of 100% UHMWPE ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. UHMWPE is a kind of polyolefin/polymer, which consists of a large number of ballistic fibres, the pallet chain to achieve maximum protection.

    UHMWPE is also known from Spectra Shield/Dyneema in bulletproof vests. Elite-Armor’s bulletproof and stab proof vests are developed with the utmost regard for optimal movability and protection. This task is done with the highest convictions by using UHMWPE.

    The amount of layers determine the degree of protection, which is classified by the US National Institute of Justice, NIJ Standard-0101.06 & Stab level 1 0115.00

    NIJ level IIIA protection from firearms means that it stops a high-speed projectile from:

    • 9mm Automatic weapon

    • 44 Magnum

    • 357 SIG

    • 357 Magnum

    • 9mm Luger

    • 40 S&W (Smith & Wesson)

    NIJ Standard 0115.00 protection against stab wounds, done very convincingly:

    • Level 1 24 Joules (J) Test Pressure Penetration Limit 0.28" / 7mm

    • Level 1 36 Joules (J) OVER-test Pressure Penetration Limit 0.79" / 20mm

    The vest has been further tested in Denmark, against:

    • A big butcher knife

    • A survival knife

    • A Stanley knife

    Designed against knives in level 1, which protects against 85% of all threads. (Please note that NO vest is 100% stab proof)

    All of our vests are equipped with Coolmax comfort foam, which makes to vests more comfortable and increases ventilation.

    Overview of the projectiles our bulletproof vest can handle.

    The unique composition of fibers will distribute the energy in the vest, so that the vital organs take minimal damage.

    The size guide below is made out of approx. measurements obtained from our customers since 2009. If you are feeling unsure about which size to choose, you are welcome to contact us for further guidance.

    Chest Measurement
    150-170 cm
    50-65 kg
    85-91 cm
    165-180 cm
    60-85 kg
    92-102 cm
    175-190 cm
    70-90 kg
    103-112 cm
    175-200 cm
    80-100 kg
    113-122 cm
    180-205 cm
    80-110 kg
    123-132 cm
    180-210 cm
    90-120 kg
    133-142 cm
    180-215 cm
    100-140 kg
    142-162 cm

    It is possible to remove the implants in order to wash the cover. The bulletproof vest must always be kept in a dry place. Please read our guides.
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